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Hey internet pals!

Remember my friends’ film that needed to be greenlighted online a few months ago? Well the film is now also viewable at the Independent Film Channel Media Lab site (that’s the link to it, up there), and they need more positive votes. I checked their stats, and was bummed out at the negative reception. Please help them out by giving them a 10! (you’ll have to register which is a pain, I admit, but you’d be doing me solid if that’s any consolation?)

If the film gets enough positive feedback, it might get aired on IFC. That would be so cool! My friends are super talented, awesome people who deserve to have more light focused on their work. Soderbergh or Zwigoff started off small too, you know…

I don’t think we’re going to Italy, and it’s looking less and less like we’ll be going to Puerto Rico or Vieques or to any sort of fun location that isn’t hemmed in by CT borders. For a while. This sucks, but it might be just to situation we need to get our damned apartment finished. There are tons of little annoying projects to complete, and if we’re serious about selling or renting it, this shit needs to happen, like, yesterday already.

I’m headed into Manhattan on Wednesday. Last year, TA and I saw the Chanel show on my birthday. This time around, it’s Anglomania with a side order of Andrea Zittel with dessert at this cupcakery. Talk about a Magical Mystery Tour! Or maybe? More practical? The side order (or the whole order) will be the Neue Galerie followed by a shnack at Café Sabarsky? In my mind the food at Café Sabarsky will taste like the yummy food at Walzwerk , a tiny East German eatery in San Francisco. I'm sure I'm wrong, but not on the yummy part, just the "food will be the same" part.

Wednesday also happens to be the last day of TA’s school’s end-of-year show, so we will need to be in the city the entire day. Last May we just about died from hunger on the way from the Met to the 2nd Ave Deli. For some reason it took forever getting from Point A to Point B. I don’t want to make the same mistake this year. I want yummy food options at/in/near the museum options.

Anyway, suggestions appreciated.

Now I have to go home, shower and eat something. There’s a reason for all of this food talk!

3:39 p.m. - 2006-05-06



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