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One of TA’s final projects was featured online Monday at WiredNews. He’s not mentioned in the article, but if you click on one of the images at the top, you’ll see the PSS, aka the Project That Nearly Killed Him.

The other Project That Nearly Killed Him is in a Fedex box on its way to Italy. It’s really such a pity that we couldn’t stow away in it. It would have been nice to accompany the project and help demonstrate how it works—instead the Italians will have to manage with photos, video and operation instructions. Oh, and the American candy that we stuck in the box. Who doesn’t love classic Bazooka bubble gum?

Today TA has an interview with a high-tech company in Silicon Valley. It’s for a 2 month internship. Not sure if his skills will be the right fit, but it’s nice to be wanted. The Big Toy company is also offering internships at their headquarters in El Segundo, and that would be cool too.

My sister has been having a zillion interviews lately. One lasted 7 hours and required her to make a presentation. Another company had her meeting with 10 different people on one day, 7 the next. These are the types of hoops you have to jump through when you’re a bad-ass executive being recruited by important non-profits. But the result is that when you nail the interview, you truly get the job you want. Today she was offered the position she really wanted… Yay for her! In class today I was totally thinking about how hard she and TA both work, and I was really hoping (in handstand, then later in bound lotus) that they would both get exactly what they wanted.

It worked!

Yay for everyone! Yay for being distracted in yoga and sending positive thoughts out to my peeps!

11:28 a.m. - 2006-05-17



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