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Time is tight

These are cutest goddamned baby socks on the planet. They are expensive but thatís not going to stop me from buying them for all of our friendsí babies. I am now officially the Crazy Auntie who spoils other peoplesí kids. Until maybe I have my own? This is a subject of recent consideration.

But seriously: how adorable are they? The socks?

I have also watched the Stephen Colbert White House Press Corps speech of glory about a hundred times. Even now when I watch it, I am utterly stunned that a) Colbert had the courage to openly mock the president who was seated not 10 feet away, b) you can feel the press corpsí diminishing comfort with the material , and c) Colbert wasnít tackled and taken away to one of Cheneyís bunkers.

Long live free speech, I say,

I have tons of work to do and my right index finger joint feels kinda wonky. Good thing Iím off to the drís tomorrow.

5:20 p.m. - 2006-05-31



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