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Open your Golden Gate...

Iím sitting on the floor of our new apartment in San Mateo/Burlingame. Itís really cute! If it werenít for the beige carpeting, this place would completely rock: itís got 1940s yellow tile in the bathroom, tons of windows, itís on the 3rd floor surrounded by leafy trees and singing birds, and itís probably a good 100 sq/ft to 200/sq/ft bigger than our place in Connecticut. The kitchen alone is HUGE.

Plus itís in California! 3 blocks from Peetís, a mile from a Pancho Villa Super Burrito and 1.25 miles from really great friends (with a brand new baby who will one day be adorable but for now simply looks like a wrinkled old man. Heís 3 weeks old, so Iím cutting him a break.)

I think it will be hard to leave in August.

TA is already at work. Today Iíve got to order some sort of high-speed internet connection (I canít steal the neighbors wi-fi all summer long,) investigate local yoga classes, and maybe do some work? Itís kinda hard without a table and chair, but I do have clients who are waiting for me to get active over here.

I met YoungerSisterís new husband and though the meeting was brief, I was unimpressed. I am naturally predisposed to not like/trust him, so itís unfair of me to judgeÖ but when has that ever stopped me? Ha. TA objects to the guy based on his a) choice of vehicle (a shiny black GMC stepside truck, lowered, with ridonculous P Diddy chrome rims) and b) his dirt bike hobby (white trash.) As my older sister pointed out, ďYou know, TA worked really hard to escape that East Bay white trash shit, and now she has to drag it back here? What the hell?Ē

Anyway, YoungerSister looked happy, and gave us a comforter and some sheets for the summer. My mother loaned us towels, all-clad pans (who has extra $200 pans lying around?), flatware, dishesÖ anything we buy thatís additional, we will just hand over to my nephew for his dorm room in August. Itís good that we travel light.

This weekend, we're off to LA so that TA can accept his award from GiantToyCompany, and I can do yoga and hang out with our Southern CA friends.

Yay! It's good to be home.

9:52 a.m. - 2006-06-19



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