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we were framed

I just found out we’re going to LA again! Yay! The trip’s not til mid-August but that’s enough for me. I intend to:
- yogaficate
- eat more Sprinkles cupcakes
- hang out with friends
- shop alone (my LA girlfriends lack stamina)
- pretend I’m not staring at assless celebrities

Also, Mr Bingo will be here in August, celebrating his Leo-rrific birthday in SF. Yet another thing to look forward to!

Closer to home, we had an appt with the World’s Best Framers yesterday morning. We brought two pieces of artwork with us from CT, and yesterday we played with mat styles, colors, frame shapes and widths and colors. After some debate about a pink frame on one of the pieces, we just settled for a 5/8” black lacquered edge. I think it will make the line work in the art stand out. The other little piece, a black line drawing on white paper, is getting a simple white mat with a thin, bright sliver of a red metal frame. It’s going to look so amazing!

And it wasn’t more expensive than the mediocre frame job we paid for in CT. In fact, given the quality, you could even say that it was cheaper.

Today is the World Cup. Vive la France!

10:01 a.m. - 2006-07-09



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