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Hippity hoppity

My claim to fame today is that a sexy Parisian gallerist who hit on me ages ago is in one of the Paris Couture party photos at style.com.

He was photographed with his wife.

I still have the card he gave me. He handed it to me just as I was leaving his gallery, and the pass lingered a little too long to just be friendly. He invited me to an opening a few nights later, but I declined because I would already be gone.

Plus the whole TA thing…

If I remember correctly, I wasn’t even dressed that cute when it happened. It was January so I’m sure I had terrible hat head or something and I recall wondering what the hell I would wear (I’d only packed practical things for walking around Paris in the freezing cold.)

Anyway, he’s photo number 34 if you’re in the mood to peek. I still go to his gallery when I’m in Paris, because I generally like the work he shows (and I admit, there’s always a little frisson of “will he be there?”)

Today is:
- wait and see if editor gets back to me about my “tweaking”
- call goddamned pharmacy to see if the second half of my prescription has finally come in. I mean, it’s been two weeks, and now I need a refill but I’m not sure I want to stick with the same pharmacy because they are morons
- make an appt for a wax (I’m thinking of going here)
- go to yoga
- laundry
- get the car washed? It still kinda smells like the mormon crickets we ran over on Highway 50 in Nevada…

8:01 a.m. - 2006-07-11



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