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Friday fuckery

I, too, have been swept up in Zizou fever.

While I didn’t see the whole tv interview, I did watch excerpts on Zidane’s website, and still have a lot of respect for him.

He was contrite about having made such a terrible mistake in front of children, he said the (head-butting) behavior was unforgiveable, but he was not really apologetic about his reaction. He said, “Why is it always the reaction that is punished? Shouldn’t the one who provokes be sanctioned as well?” and to an extent, I agree with him. He said something like, “Do you really think that in the last game of my career, in the last 10 minutes, I would do something like that without a serious reason?”

I think this whole thing will blow over, and he will still be remembered as an amazing player.

When he head-butted Materazzi, TA yelled, “The Marseille Kiss! We just saw a Marseille Kiss!” He was very excited, having for years heard tales about it.

It was a great moment in Sport. Perhaps not a great moment in history, but something that will be talked about for a long time.

So… La Horyn wore a skort to Chanel and other collections? She really is taking her NYT Fashion role a bit too seriously. She doesn’t truly think she’s going to put golf-wear on the fashion map? Golf is many things, but it is certainly not cool.

I watched Thumbsucker. Twice. How much do I love Mike Mills? A lot. He’s a graphic designer turned filmmaker with skate cred! He’s totally my people!

I also watched Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and though I loved Robert Downey Jr’s and Val Kilmer’s performances, I didn’t think it was tops. The two of them had great buddy film chemistry but everyone else in the movie was a flopping dead fish.

I did something crazy: I bought a bra WITHOUT underwire. The other crazy side of the story is that I dragged the salesgirl into the dressing room with me and asked her to tell me if the 32 or the 34 was a better fit. She said 32. I just stood there, boobs harnessed, unharnessed and stared her in the eye. She even grabbed one of the cups and said, “This is too baggy for you.”

Bras are so weird. I have some that are 34C, others that are a B, and now I’m back to being a 32B. There is no uniformity of sizing, and you can’t feel bad when you suddenly try on a new brand or style and you’re a 36C or a 32D. It makes no sense. It’s like how I’m a size zero at Banana Republic but a solid 4 everywhere else. It can play mind games with you if you don’t just focus on how things fit.

Speaking of, have you all bought your GdeP lingerie yet? She’s having a wee sale right now, and I cannot speak highly enough of my silk nighty, my dentelle de Calais nighty and cashmere panties. The panties are all season! You know I must love these things, because I brought all of them out here with me, and I hardly brought anything at all.

Go. Shop. Now.

I may be uploading my new website today. And slowly migrating/pointing things to the new url. Wish me luck.

8:49 a.m. - 2006-07-14



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