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Preaching and reaching

I attended a 3 hour Level 2/3 yoga workshop on Saturday and forgot my mat in the car.

And TA had the car.

As much as I hate practicing on loaner mats, I borrowed two from the studio and they were fine. Not enough padding for me (my joints like extra squishiness,) but they didn’t smell bad so I was able to focus on other things.

The teacher talked for about 15-20 mn total, which means that I practiced for over 2. It was so awesome, I felt like Wonder Woman afterwards. It felt a lot like my old classes in LA, like playtime for grownups.

I’m sore today, but it’s a good sore.

Anyway I got home around 7, TA picked me up from the train station, I jumped in the shower then we ran off to a friend’s bbq. A very full, very fun day.

Today we got some stuff at Trader’s and at the produce market, then met my sisters, their respective mates and my SuperNephew for lunch and an afternoon at the new DeYoung. It was pretty fun, except for the part about:

a) the cross on YoungerSister’s bed, and
b) a copy of “Pope John Paul II: In My Own Words” by the bedside

This we all found disconcerting (and by “we” I mean me, TA, OlderSister, OlderSister’s husband, and 18 yr old nephew.) That is just too fucking weird, people!

Explain to me how anyone could have that by their bed? Talk about a sexual killjoy! I mean, do they only have sex to procreate? What is JPII’s stand on the matter?

I have an especially hard time understanding how YoungerSister can read and believe anything JPII has said. This is the pope who refused to recommend that people use condoms during the height of the AIDS pandemic.

My sister has had HIV for more than ten years.

How does she reconcile this? Is this God’s will? WTF?

Not even my father--the man who was educated by Jesuits his entire life, who attended mass so much he practically turned into The Host--believes in the Catholicism of JPII and Ratzinger.

The best part of the museum was the James Turrell Skyscape. It's impossible to capture the inside, so here's some of the outside...

8:23 p.m. - 2006-07-16



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