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B for Burrito and Beck

I love this site, but Iím a little bit mad at them right now for the following reasons:

1. The Burrito Eater ordered meat burritos at Rubioís. That is all kinds of wrong! There is only one thing to order at Rubioís and thatís fish tacos. I thought everybody knew this.
2. The Burrito Eater ordered burritos at La Taqueria on Mission. That is all kinds of wrong as well! The only thing to order there are tacos. Thatís what they do best. They are one of the Mexican-Mexican taquerias, so their burritos are modest, and do not really comply with San Francisco-Gringo standard.

I still love the way Burrito Eater rates the burritos, even if I donít always agree. The beauty of the burrito phenomenon in San Francisco is that there are many, many taquerias to choose from. Thereís bound to be one that serves up your ideal meat/bean/rice/cheese/extras combo.

Here in San Mateo, there are quite a few taquerias but I always end up at Pancho Villa. Their burritos are Gringofied (in a good way,) and each individual ingredient is tasty, not too salty, and the chips are REALS. Our friends like to go to Tres Amigos (because their carnitas is twice cooked/once deep fried) but I find it too salty overall and there arenít enough bean options.

Plus, if Pancho Villa is good enough for Beck, itís good enough for me. As IF I needed a celebrity endorsement!

10:17 p.m. - 2006-07-18



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