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L'air du tempo

Because the company TA is interning for this summer paid for up to 100 dollarsí worth of cross-country shipping, we sent his bicycle to California.

And every single one of our Cds.

Yesterday we took half of the boxes to Amoeba and made $427 in trade. Of course we promptly turned around, got new stuff and spent about $405 of that. Who knows how much we could have made if weíd gotten full retail on a lot of those? A grand? We had about 15 Cds that the Amoeba dude said were pretty valuable, including an out of print Stereolab with a debossed and silkscreened case.

Anyway we still have 2 more boxes to go. (plus the stuff we got yesterday that weíre just going to trade in again.) After that, we will be full up on music and will only buy actual Cds when downloadable versions are not available. We bought a lot of stuff yesterday thatís not available on iTunes, but we also bought stuff that is and therefore broke our rule because really? When youíre at Amoeba, itís hard not to feel like a kid in a candy store and just run around, apeshit, grabbing every bloody Thievery Corporation title (TA) or all the New Order thatís missing from your collection because you have it on vinyl and you never bought it on cd because you didnít want to own it twice, never mind the fact that you havenít had a turntable in over 10 years and sometimes you just want to listen to Age of Consent, you know? (me)

We didnít just buy music; we also bought DVDs. Weíre amassing a little film library and itís pretty fun adding to it. Yesterday we splurged on a Criterion edition of Mon Oncle, and also got Chungking Express, Rushmore and Diva. Gah, doing the Google, I just realized that Rushmore is available in a Criterion edition so I will throw our current DVD onto the pile of things to be traded in.

The beauty of the Amoeba trade is that a) it never expires and b) it can be used at any Amoeba store. Woohoo! I swear, when we left the place, I was so cracked out of my mind and delirious with excitement that it took me, like, 10 entire minutes to settle down and pick something for our drive to Alameda (where we ďvisitedĒ with TAís eldest brother, his wife and their brood. Thatís another entry.)

The weatherís gorgeous, Floyd Landis is gonna win the yellow jersey, my man Rasmussenís got the spotted on locked up, itís a pretty great day Iíd sayÖ

8:52 a.m. - 2006-07-23



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