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Golden handcuffs

The friend who helped TA secure the internship this summer had ulterior motives.

Yes, he wanted to help out, but more importantly--and selfishly you might say--he wanted to rig it so that we would move back permanently. His thinking was that if TA did well over the summer, the company would want to hire him when he graduates and weíd all live happily ever after in Northern California.

Well today TA had a review and his boss asked if heíd be interested in coming on fulltime after graduation.


This is exciting for TA in many ways, another validation that he was right to change courses, to go to graduate school, to take some professional and personal risks.

Who knows if heíll actually want to work at the company once heís done with school. He doesnít like the cubicle farm, the quiet, how square everyone is, but if they throw a ton of money at him, who knows whatíll happen?

So thatís cool. He should feel good about his performance.

Things are quiet work-wise which is nice for me. Iím not sure Iíd be in any condition to slave away in this un-air conditioned apartment if I were busy. It has been so ridiculously hot here, itís a wonder I havenít melted. I spend most days in my underwear, drinking cold tea and napping.

Other news in no particular order:
- the carís in the shop again.
- the espresso machine is ready to be picked up
- an LA friend is staying with us tonight, so I cleaned up a little.
- my best friendís father just died
- saw a matinee of Devil Wears Prada and thought Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci were great. Anne Hathaway? Not so much.

4:34 p.m. - 2006-07-25



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