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I'd be safe and warm if I was in LA...

I was in LA over the weekend. My friends got married at SF City Hall a few months ago, and another friend of ours threw them an enormous party in Los Angeles.

The party was held in an entertainment csarís house in West Hollywood with: - valet parking - a full bar + two bartenders - insanely delicious food courtesy of some genius catering - a crazy ass tiered cake - chocolate fondue - lotto scratchers as party favors - a professional roaming photographer

It was superfun! I had one cocktail, many conversations and hugs, and was chauffeur to two crazily drunk lovebirds.

On Friday I freaked out because I had nothing festive to wear so I shopped like a crazy person and bought, like, 5 dresses. When TA came home that evening, I staged a mini fashion show and he helped me pick out the cutest one.

And it was the cheapest one too($54!) so now I get to return the rest and save hundreds of dollars. Who knew the Juniors department at Nordstrom would have something I liked?

Anyway, TA and I got no rest whatsoever but it was the best kind of exhaustion. By Sunday I could barely string a sentence together because Iíd talked more in 48 hours than I have in months and months. Man, I miss our LA friends so much. I canít wait to move back there. The next year is going to be sheer torture!

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11:37 a.m. - 2006-08-14



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