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Cleaning TA's father's house: see Myth of Sisyphus

We did as much as we could do at TAs fathers house. If it had been up to us, the entire place would be vacant, but TAs eldest brother is processing his grief in a way that requires him to hang on to old useless junk.

Its not that were not sentimental. Weve taken our share of photos and mementos. We just dont see the point of leaving old mattresses and bedframes in a vacant house.

Toothless McDrunky who lives in the illegal inlaw off the carport is getting the message that he will soon need to move. TAs eldest brother is of course operating under the delusion that it would be good to keep him there. Itll be good to have someone there, looking out for the house. We (and the neighbors) think it would be better to have him and his assortment of drunks, fences and generally sketchy pals move on. Permanently.

The next time we see the house will be Saturday for an informal gathering in remembrance blahblahblah. The remaining relatives and friends have been informed, and unfortunately I think Drunky McToothless has already sent his APB out to the crunk network. Should be scary.

Today, though, will be nice. Well be hanging out with friends, running errands for ourselves and trying to enjoy our last week in the Bay Area.

10:23 a.m. - 2006-08-19



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