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The Bronx is up and I'm battered down

One of TAís school assignments involves going to a different museum or museums every week. Last week it was the Brooklyn Hist0rical Society, this week was the Museum of Natural Hist0ry.

I canít wait for the first 5 weeks of his semester to be over! Thatís when we can go to whatever museums we want (museums that are no necessarily 2 hours away like Dia:Beacon or the Aldrich.) Right now, heís got to visit specific ones, but you know, as far as homework goes, itís still pretty cool. Especially since the professor assigns really interesting readings that correspond really well with the visits.

I love graduate school! Isnít it funny that Iím not even enrolled?

I am also really enjoying the readings in one of TAís other classes. He tells me that the in-class discussions are terrible, and that the professor is incompetent when it comes to directing and shaping the discussions. My theory is that the students donít understand the readings or donít really care, and they are just trying to divert attention away from the material by talking about superficial bullshit.

Yes, itís challenging reading (Baudrillard, Ong, Logan, McLuhan) but itís also fascinating.

I told TA he just needs to assert himself more. He has to find a way to learn in spite of his professorís nincompoopery. After all, itís his experience too. Thereís no reason a few pinhead students who like the sounds of their own voices should be allowed to ruin his $60,000 education. This is one of those instances when I think itís ok to be a little selfish?

Anyway, to get back to spending the day in Manhattan yesterday: I not only received a lovely compliment on my glasses from an absurdly stylish woman, I also made eye contact with this fine (Peter Sellers-lookalike) gentleman. Those two things plus having lunch at Momofuku noodle bar just made my day! Who cares if it was exhausting getting home?

11:50 a.m. - 2006-09-18



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