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Listening to The Greenhornes...

The website concepts are with the marketing person right now. She’s looking at them before the client sees them, in order to hopefully “catch” something.

I almost blurted out, “crabs?” but thought better of it. These are concepts. There is nothing to “catch” at this stage. It’s so sad how no one understands the idea of a sketch anymore.

Anyway, to celebrate, TA and I are making hamburgers for dinner. And speaking of meat, how sweet are these cruelty-free shoes? I’m not vegan anymore, but it doesn’t really matter. These are pretty cute! And, dang. For shoes not made of leather, they’re sure expensive.

I have made zero progress on acquiring the necessary elements for my Femme Fatale wedding outfit. But I will be in Manhattan again on Sunday, perhaps in the vicinity of shops? I’m sure I will be so museumed out after The Met that the last thing I’ll want to do is swan around Barneys but I really need to! This magical outfit is not going to coordinate itself! Shit.

I thought the NY Spring collections were boring, since we’re on the subject of clothes. The only thing I’m excited about is Thom Browne designing for Brooks Brothers, and TopShop finally coming to the US. About fucking time!

6:06 p.m. - 2006-09-22



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