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Someone needs to get some shopping out of her system

What I love about Gentry is that she is so totally on the same wavelength as me. It's uncanny. I'm going to make her my personal shopper once she's done with all this Panty Queen/Building A Lingerie Empire/Flitting About Paris With A Handsome Boyfriend And A Googly-Eyed Dog nonsense.

I am headed to Manhattan again this weekend, and as Gentry and Simon Doonan are my witnesses, I am marching over to Anne Fontaine to try some Perfect White Shirts on. I can't wait any longer.

Also, on a different sartorial note, I've had two dreams two nights in a row featuring Sofia Coppola. In the first one, we were sitting on a bench, discussing life and other things, and in the second one she practically commanded me to buy black leggings. She said they would update my "look" and she said "look" with a perfect French accent. She was wearing the cutest little black Lanvin flats that I wanted to kill her for. I even said something about her shoes, and she touched my arm and whispered, "Oh, Alber makes the best "ballerines" (again with the French accent,) I'll talk to him about finding you some tiny ones. Kate (Moss, obviously) and I have been fighting over the same pair of leopard print ones for almost 3 months!"

4:34 p.m. - 2006-09-26



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