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Boy, are my arms tired...

It took 12 hours from start (NH, CT) to finish (SF, CA.) All I can say is: I am so sad I don't have enough miles to qualify for the roomier seating on the airplanes. It sucks being in steerage.

SF is beautiful and I'm staying with a friend who's apartment is just beautiful. Her taste in art and furniture is right up there with Mr Bingo's and it's totally inspiring. I want to go home and rearrange everything.

Today I have a waxing appt, then have to assemble the elements for my wedding outfit. Thank god there's an Anne Fontaine downtown. If I can't get the Perfect White Shirt idea to work then I've got to find that lasercut gray wool Cynthia Steffe dress in my size. That might work.

6:57 a.m. - 2006-10-19



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