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Like the rain, I am ineluctably falling

I voted yesterday, and am unusually gleeful that the Dems took the house. Itís a small, but significant step.

However my vote was powerless to unseat Mr Magoo Schleprock Lieberman which is a drag. My theory is that he won on sheer name recognition, not on issues. And his challenger Lamont didnít get enough momentum going in his campaign til too late in the game. This is where experience make a giant difference.

I was mostly out of commission yesterday as a friend was in townóbut ďout of commissionĒ in the best way possible. He and I hung out and talked and ate and worked side-by-side until he had to head over to Yale for a talk he was giving. It was lovely.

Iím still working on the Website That Wonít End. Iím in the home stretch but this is the part that KILLS ME. I just want to curl up into a ball and go to sleep. I just canít sustain the energy required to give a shit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for more than a month. Seriously, once the fun part is over and all thatís left is the tedium of image cropping, tiny corrections and tweaks etc, I burnout.


We are spending next weekend in NY as TA has a bunch of events to attend. Iíve scheduled a haircut at Bumble & Bumble downtown with a stylist who was highly recommended to me. Iím sure the cut will cost a mini fortune but my justification is amortization over a 6 month period. This haircut will last (this is what my friend with the rockstar shag tells meóher hair looks awesome from the day itís cut to the day she heads back to the salon. It grows out so well!) I also intend to drop my MJ coat off at the MJ store on Greene for a new lining. This means I will be winter coat-less, a fact I hope to remedy with tactical shopping (APC, Johnson, Anna Sui, etc.) Iíve been needing a casual unfancy but still groovy winter everyday coat for a while now, so this is excellent timing. So long as I manage to actually find something casually unfancy but still groovy.

Thereís not much to this video, and the song is makes me really happy. I thought Iíd share.

2:38 p.m. - 2006-11-08



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