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When it rains, it pours some sugar on me...

Iíve already heard from a recruiter at that company! I emailed a resume to my friend/contact on Monday, and the recruiter called and left me a message about opportunities in NY and LA. She also emailed.

Iím taking this as a good sign.

Also, my friend at that company told me that this recruiter is the Creative recruiteróshe only hires for design and art-related positions--and she loved my work.


I also got an email from someone at the Annenberg School at USC. They want a logo proposal from me?

My holiday cards came in yesterday. They are cutissimo! Theyíre postcards with a little illustration on the front, and I had them printed by one of those online printers. They turned out so well, Iím shocked and excited.

The other fun thing is that I got free shipping at Peetís and ordered tons of coffee and my favorite jasmine tea. Iíve now got something crazy, like the equivalent of 75 teabags? This should keep me going for a while.

I expressed my graduate school reservations to Mr Bingo and he said ďI think you can be a maker AND a sassy observer like Abbott Miller!Ē Iím so flattered that Bingo put me in the same category as j. abbott because he is supersmart. I have a long way to go, of course, but itís nice to know that my friends believe Iím capable.

Also? I made a tarte alsacienne aux oignons and it rocked. I also baked brown sugar pecan shortbread and the cookies taste deliciousóbrownsugary/caramel-y and crunchy and buttery. What could be better?

I feel like I should go home. I donít think I can handle any more good news today.

3:19 p.m. - 2006-12-07



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