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grandes vacances

The last couple of weeks have been really great.

First of all, itís fucking hot and sunny out, and itís summer and itís Paris. I canít get over how wonderful this is. There are times when I complain--ok, I complain all the time, Iím French after all, and complaining is a national pastime--but for the most part, I rejoice. Where I lived last (San Francisco,) summers are foggy and damp and just generally suck from a weather point of view, and I am so much happier now that I am here!

Second of all, I just got some new sunglasses at Cutler + Gross and I have been wearing them everywhere. And today, when I walked into my boulangerie, Natacha, one of the girls who works there, made a big fuss over how I looked like a ďvedette.Ē I knew she was goofing around, but I played along, refusing to give her an autograph because I was too tired. The other girl who works at the boulangerie had no idea what was going on, and when she finally figured out what Natacha was talking about, she leaned forward and whispered to me, ďCíest vrai que vous etes une vedette?Ē (Is it true that youíre a celebrity?) I love how a simple pair of sunglasses have contributed to my mystique. The best part in all of this is that the boulangerie girls and I have just crossed the invisible French line of familiarity, and this makes going to the boulangerie way more fun. Of course, fun will only be had on the days when the boulangerís wife is not at the counter--she is such a grouch.

Third of all, on Saturday, I went to a show at the Batofar and saw Bertrand Burgalat in the audience. This just fucking made my month! He is such a genius! And to make matters even greater, he had a Playmobile haircut, light tan flooded Lee Jeans on, with dark socks and Adidas Gazelles. Ok, so he was totally working the Indie 60s Hipster look, but what can I say, I am a sucker for that aesthetic. Heís not that classically attractive-looking, but anyone that brilliant is sexy. And I just found out that on July 15th, the Batofar is having an entire afternoon celebration of Bertrand Burgalatís label Tricatel. I will try not to go too overboard on Bastille Day so that I can be fresh as a daisy for my new boyfriend. And by the way, the show, she was great! Stereo Total were terrific.

Fourth of all, yesterday I had brunch with friends at Le Loir Dans La ThťiŤre. Itís a funky little Salon de Thť in the Marais that I canít believe I never noticed before. The waiter with a long curly ponytail is so nice that I went back there today for some gouter at 4. The place must be in some kind of groovy Japanese guidebook, because it was hopping with phrasebook-in-hand tourists, and it was some good people and shopping bag watching. The Japanese are really into status shopping bag collecting. Iíve actually seen tourists walking around with perfectly ironed Poilane bags--Poilane is status BREAD. Itís not even fashion, and this I find fascinating. I mean, ok, I saved my Marc Jacobs bag for like a month, but I eventually filled it with fridge remnants at my going-away party and sent it off with a friend.

8:33 p.m. - 2001-06-25



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