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La flemme

Today I didnít have yoga in the morning, so I slept in. Around 12, I went out and got a baguette for some lunch, then at 1, so exhausted from my hectic day, I took a nap.

When I woke up around 2, I realized that I was really hot and that I couldnít bear to walk around Paris in pants anymore. Itís a pain to have hairy legs when itís two degrees hotter than the surface of the sun out, so I got myself together and went for a wax.

The waxing place is a trip because they always have so many different women working there, and since I donít yet have a favorite, itís kinda like Russian roulette. This time I had a rather nice girl, and she did an excellent job on the jambes completes (full leg,) maillot (bikini,) and sourcils (eyebrows.) I think I will make it a point to ask for her next time since she was efficient and didnít chide me about not exfoliating my body enough. Yeesh, the French are just gaga for the ďgommage.Ē

Itís funny: I donít mind if the bikini wax is lopsided but I totally freak out over badly waxed eyebrows (probably because you canít hide them.) And since you can never see what theyíre doing, you have to just lie there and wait to be handed the mirror and itís such torture feeling the wax being ripped off your face, wondering if youíre gonna end up looking like some Mission Street chola. But mademoiselle du jour did a good job and I gave her a 20 franc tip. This is the equivalent of $2.60 which is 10 francs more than what the woman ahead of me gave her aesthetician.

So then all excited about having clean happy legs that could roam freely in a skirt or dress, I popped into ProMod, a little teenybopper store, and bought 3 things for $23. This is crazy talk. A shirt for 29 francs ($3.75!), another shirt for 49 francs and a skirt for 99 francs. These are all items that even if I only wear them once, will be a fine investment. I am already wearing the skirt, and I already managed to stain one shirt with my allegedly clear antiperspirant. Goddamn false advertising pisses me off.

Then around 7:40 pm, I had drinks with Fred in Montparnasse just as a magnificent thunder storm hit. We were sitting at a sidewalk table, and the cafe cranked the awning out over us, and rolled down the panels to protect us from the downpour. It was so cool! Thunder and lightning and sheets of water coming down while we sat, drinking and talking and eating salty snacks. After two rounds, we walked over to a little restaurant that Fred loves, and ate like kings for practically nothing. I ate one of my all time favorite appetizers which is salade de gesiers, which translated means salad with gizzards. Itís really delicious and should not be scoffed at until tasted.

Of course, all that walking was a good way to break in my new little girly mules, but also just plain break my feet. Oy, blisters. Quelle horreur.

11:36 p.m. - 2001-07-04



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