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Dimanche Divin

Sunday was Fun Day!

We all trooped off for a stroll through the Jardin du Luxembourg. We walked by the little carousel where kids on the outer horses are given sticks that they use to joust at little hanging rings. It is such a cool ride/game--the kids were going round and round, screaming at their parents, “J’en ai trois!!!” or whatever each time they won another ring. France is a really wonderful country for kids--there are always tons of things for them to do, you always see classes on field trips to monuments and museums, and for the most part the children are incredibly well-behaved. They make American kids look like dirty little brutes.

After the walk, my friends had to catch a train for another little side-trip. All three went to Strasbourg for a day, then to Luxembourg for a day. They return tomorrow. They invited me, but I declined. Neither place is enticing to me. If they’d said “champagne caves in Rheims” or “Deauville” or even “Belgium,” I would have reconsidered. When they get back, they will be remain in Paris for a few days before returning to San Francisco. I don’t know what museums or monuments are in their plans. One guy is afraid of heights and will probably not want to climb the towers of Notre Dame (his loss) or even take the elevator to the top of the Tour Eiffel (another tremendous loss in my opinion.) They will probably want to shop, and that might not be so bad, but I will have to restrain my urge to make snide comments about people who treat Europe like one big shopping mall.

So to get back to Sunday: after the visitors left, I took a shower, napped and basically prepared for the Celebration of Tricatel, my boyfriend Bertrand Burgalat’s label, at the Batofar. It started at 4 pm, I got there at 4:40 pm, and by 5 pm I had had not 1, but 2 Bertrand sightings (& by the time I got home, I’d seen my boyfriend 7 times, in different outfits even.) Aahhh, so nice. It wasn’t until later that I saw him shadowed by a WOMAN in the newly-approved-as-chic black flipflops and a skirt. Dammit! How can he date someone so trendy? Anyway, he performed backed by A.S. Dragon and it was really, really great. He played for about an hour, sometimes sharing singing duties with some soul-crazed black guy in a white suit and red tie. He, whoever he was, sang incredibly. It rained a little later, so they put away the lounge chairs. When it cleared, we got some lounges, and set them up right in front of the screen for the outdoor movies. It was so exhilirating to be outside, on a summer evening, in a lounge chair surrounded by other lounge chairs, everyone enjoying the air and fireworks. Oh yeah, the fireworks were the best because they were lit by a guy who goes by the name “Kiki le Guerrier Urbain” and it was an entire comic performance set to music with dancing and pantomime. I was in tears from laughing so much. Kiki had fireworks attached to every part of the Batofar (which is a boat) and he swung and ran and danced on the bow, stern and other boat parts I don’t know the names of.

This kind of a free thing would never work in San Francisco. It’s too cold there, and there would be all sorts of bad, freaky vibes from WPODs, drunk idiots, bums, you name it. Here, everyone is pretty civilized, and there doesn’t seem to be an undercurrent of violence or any sense of threat. Alone, I feel totally comfortable walking around late at night, even in some of the more dodgy neighborhoods. And last night at the Barofar, there were tons of young families with kids, all dancing or watching the movie at, like, midnight. Maybe this sort of thing happens in New York all the time, but I wouldn’t know since I’ve never lived there.

Lastly, I’ve got a new Tricatel t-shirt to keep me warm. Canon!

9:27 p.m. - 2001-07-16



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