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Les Visiteurs

I just got my apartment back after a week long visit from some SF friends. It was pretty fun but also exhausting being tour guides. Itís hard when you have guests who a) donít have an agenda, and 2) donít really speak the language. Two of the pals made commendable efforts in French so that was great, but the last friend needed more coaxing than I am capable of. By the end my brain was short-circuiting the French/English translations, and there were actually times where instead of translating into English, I would just substitute a synonym in French. When I was really fried, I would just repeat the French slowly. . . and everyone would stare at me blankly.

Oh god, Americans talk too loud! Terence kept reminding everyone to use their "European" voices, but it didn't work. Americans have some sort of ancestral need to project their voices across the vast expanse of the prairie and it just doesnít work in Europe where everything is close together. There were times on the metro where their booming laughs made me cringe, and I honestly considered pretending they werenít with me.

Friend number three drove me pretty much nuts the entire time. I reached saturation about 48 hours into it, and spent the remaining 9 days biting my tongue and exercising Xtreme Anger Management.

Yesterday we went to Colette and they had on display some of the new Marc Jacobs stuff. Pretty nice, although it was hard to get close to look at the detailsóthe place was so crowded... with customers and employees! I swear that store has one employee for every 2 customers and still the employees don't do their jobs. They just hang around assessing what their next paycheck will afford, insouciantly throwing their Jeremy Scott hair-don'tted heads in eachothers' directions for approval. Must be seen to be believed... and derided. It's a nice place for a fashion recon mission, but I always make my purchases elsewhere.

2:38 p.m. - 2001-07-22



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