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Before I left the Bay Area, I gave my magazine subscriptions to a friend. I just had the address changed because I figured it would just be a hassle to get a credit. Who wouldnít want a subscription to fashion magazines? For free?

For one of the magazines (Vogue,) I only had 2 issues left; no big deal, fiscally-speaking. For W, I had something like 25 issues left. Thatís crazy talk.

Once those magazines have you on their mailing list, you get sold down the river. You become the recipient of a million direct mail pieces convincing you that W is a great Christmas gift or that you should renew at a ONE TIME ONLY special offer price of [fill in the blank] or that you should sign up for a FREE trial issue of something else. The stupid mailing label tells you when your subscription expires, and I was just a ninny for never paying attention. That or I was simply convinced that there would never be a time in my life when I didnít need Suzy or the Countess or ten full color pages of Fabien Baronís overrated photography.

Talking about magazines, did you know that One magazine is out of business? Rumor has it they burned through 6 million dollars in 2 issues! Ouch. I went to their big kick-off partyóI got a bag filled with a free premiere issue (snore,) an Alessi sugarbowl (cute,) and some Erno Laszlo makeup (what did all the boys do with theirs?) All the usual suspects of design and publishing in San Francisco were there, and it was so boring. Same pretentious people making the scene, thinking theyíre the innovators, wearing kooky glasses and working the lo-pro Prada sport. Just plain irritating as far as Iím concerned.

The only good part was briefly meeting Karrie Jacobs who is a very clever and interesting writer, but who needs to use more conditioner. People with curly hair: listen up! Use leave-in! There is no excuse for frizzies. And I should know because I have wavy, curly hair that never leaves the house without a spot of Kiehlís.

7:29 p.m. - 2001-07-30



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