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Bloody Sunday

I just got back from a Cake + Milk party at the Batofar. Kruder from Kruder and Dorfmeister is spinning and the kids are going apeshit. He’s a great dj. Even I was sort of moving to the music. The French still can’t dance and I’ve given them 3 months to get their acts together. Whatever people.

Anyway, since Kruder is well-known, there were tons and tons of people, different kinds, gay, straight, old, young. It was pretty fun. The people watching was good, especially the t-shirt watching. Girls take a lot of care getting ready, whereas guys in general just sort of put on trendy shades and some kind of t-shirt that says something groovy on it, and then they’re done. T-shirt examples:

1. masturbating is not a crime, done completely in the same style as the skateboarding t.

2. only users lose their drugs in very blurry type.

3. King City Queer Club.

4. Betty Ford Clinic.

Fred’s birthday brunch today was really fun. There were some French folks, and some American girls... who were so annoying! One acted way too excited to finally meet me (there was no way I could ever match her enthusiasm and I think she was disappointed when I said, “Oh, hi,”) one called herself a “dotcom casualty” which instantly made me want to hurl, and the last was kind of vacuous. I talked to them for a while, but they were all such East Coast prisses, I had to run over to the French side. I can’t stand people who trot out their credentials and Ivy League pedigree as soon as you sit down! It’s so fucking pretentious and insecure and bourgeois and arriviste. Kill, kill!

11:59 p.m. - 2001-08-12



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