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Work is overrated

So I slept like shit, tried to sleep in, and missed yoga. I hate doing this, but unfortunately my bedroom faces the street and it is noisy as hell and sometimes in the morning, I feel like Iíve been hit by a truck. Usually I drink to the brink of excess as a sleep aid (maybe this is the truck I mentioned?) but last night it didnít work. Must have been the sugar from the ice cream counterracting the Martini Rouge. There is just not enough concealer in the world to make me look human. I feel like one those characters with the spooky eyes ŗ la Nightmare Before Christmas.

I went out to Issy for a brief meeting with Laurent and his brother Olivier. Their father makes shoes and resells them to other brands. Example: Jonak.They have about 300 resellers actually, so who knows how many of their shoes have been rebadged? I guess Iíll soon find out when they send me the rest of the material. They showed me photographs of the winter 2001 lineónot bad looking actually, but I know that the quality is dubious.

Anyway, instead of working at Laurentís office, I opted to come back home. Fewer distractions that way. I started designing at 2:30 pm and sent pdfís of 2 concepts off by 5:30 pm. I ate a sandwich, drank as much water as humanly possible, and cranked the work out. The other day on the phone, all they needed was a 2-sided thing; today when I walked in, it had progressed to a 2-sided flyer thing AND a new logo. Whatever people! What do you think? I can just pull a logo out of my butt in an afternoon? For less than 5000 francs? Sheesh.

So now I am waiting for their response, and I have a terrible feeling that there is some hiccup at the mail server because I have not received anything in a godís age.

I am getting cranky, I have a lack-of-food headache, and I am so hungry I am starting to self-cannibalize. Boy, somebody needs a drink.

7:56 p.m. - 2001-08-23



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