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Iím sidelined with the monthlies again.

This time, they are 2.5 weeks late and announced themselves with massive, throbbing cartoon cramps. I think the extra 2 weeks were spent building pressure, and slowly extending my abdomen with water, so that now, I am the Human Hindenberg. Disgusting. I downed a gigantic Motrin (600 mg! Thatís enough to stun an elephant!) which I know will help, but Iíd rather have a morphine drip and some air conditioning. You know there are times where I think it would be nice to just opt out of egg production. All this agony and bad humor for what? 2.5 kids?

Saw West Side Story last night. Loved it, but did not remember the film lasting nearly 3 hours. I also didnít remember Natalie Woodsí terrible Latina accent, or everyone elseís overly tanned faces. But the dancing was delicious, and the music and words were greatgreatgreat. And Saul Bassí titles and art direction were fantastic. In other film news, Iíve seen The Blue Dahlia, Psycho (but I already told you that,) Shadows and Fog, and The Center of the World. Itís really true what David Sedaris says about movies in Paris. You can see just about anything on any day. And not only that, itís cheap.

Tomorrow there is another Cake + Milk free party at the Batofar. One of the djs is Jerry Dammers, and I canít wait to hear what he plays. He was always my most favorite Specials musician. He has missing front teeth, and plays the organ. What could be better? Then Monday night, Beulah plays on the pirate boat and that is going to be superduper.

Oh my god, it is so impossibly hot right now. I need to peel myself off this sofa and get a cold drink.

6:04 p.m. - 2001-08-25



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