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I am going to cheerily state that the Internet is great. I know this makes me sound like a slack-jawed yokel but I don’t care because you know what? It is ! It really is! (Ok, after writing that, I just had Sally Field’s Academy Award voice in my head and this is not good.)

I know 2 people who met the love of their lives online. One guy found his muse on an Australian site that promotes digital illustration and programming—he was impressed with some work and decided to contact the artist. He sent her an email, and they started to correspond. They are perfect for eachother and it is the cutest thing in the world. For their first date, he flew to Australia, and they spent an idyllic few weeks hanging out. Then she flew over here, and never left. This other guy I know who fell in love virtually was in a little-known band that had a site. One day, a Dutch girl writes to the site that she loves the band, can she interview the members for her zine, and THEY started corresponding. He went to Holland, she visited him in the States, and now they are married and very happy.

So all that bullshit about the Internet bringing people together can sometimes be the truth, and not just another lame platitude.

These people did not meet through a dating service; they met by surfing sites that interested them, and that interested their soulmates. It was your typical “things in common” recipe for success. Truth be told, I am a big fan of this recipe since it works for me. Maybe it also helped that they got to know eachother without the distraction of looks? So they could focus on the insides? I know for a fact that at some point, they each sent photos of themselves to the other person. And thank god they each found the other attractive. (Can you imagine not only the disappointment, but the colossal sexual frustration had they found the other unsexy?)

I have a friend in San Francisco who, desperate to find love, joined a Jewish Singles online dating service, and she has had disappointment after disappointment. When I mentioned she might try to join, say, a hiking club (cause she’s into hiking,) or a French society (because she is a Francophile,) she looked at me like I was crazy. I understand the Jewish-to-Jewish connection is strong (I know, I have a phantom Sephardi streak) but I wonder if maybe interests/passions/political views/musical tastes/other acquired shit might not be more important.

Last year, I had little Internet reunion of my own. I had just come back from a harrowing week of looking at apartments in Los Angeles, I was completely demoralized about having picked LA over somewhere else, and as a result I was starting to wonder why the hell I wasn’t moving to Paris. When I opened up my email, there was a message from a Parisian girlfriend I had not spoken to in 18 years! Can you imagine my surprise? I took it as a sign, packed up and moved. And since I’ve been in Paris, I have seen Nadia a bunch of times, and I am so grateful and happy that she contacted me. Life is crazy that way.

Fast forward to the present: yesterday, I went to the movies with someone I pretty much met through words on a monitor, and that was super fun.

Oh I’m just having a crazy love affair with the Whole World Wide Web today!

12:51 p.m. - 2001-08-27



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