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La vie oisive

I did nothing last night and it was soooo nice! I was so lazy in fact that I didn’t even bother to eat. That would have required too much effort, all that chewing and swallowing.

Needless to say, when I woke up this morning, I was ravenous. I went down to the marché bio (organic market,) bought some vittles, then stopped by the boulangerie for a pépite. A pépite is a pain au lait/brioche type thing that is long and rectangular and folded in half. Inside, are bittersweet chocolate chips and pastry cream. How can you not love a country where chocolate and pastry cream are considered breakfast food? pépite + coffee = heaven

Then, while hopped up on sugar and coffee, I decided to do the ménage. My apartment's pretty small, but I hadn’t cleaned in a while so it took a couple of hours. I must say, I was feeling zealous and inspired and did a top-to-bottom spic-n-span job. All the white parts are blinding white.

It’s actually been some time since I cleaned my own apartment on a regular basis. Back in San Francisco, I had the ultimate luxury: a cleaning woman. Her name is Angélica, and let me tell you, she is aptly named: she is a magic cleaning Angel! Every two weeks I would come home from work, and the entire place sparkled and shone, the rooms smelled like Murphy’s Oil Soap and there was no dust anywhere!

After lunch, I read (“L’Enigme des Blanc-Manteaux” by Jean-François Parot. It’s a detective novel that takes place in Paris in 1761) and napped and listened to music. Fred called, asking me to accompany him to the Batofar where there’s a big party going on with dj Food and Amon Tobin. I declined. I just don’t feel like hanging out with the glamorous cool electrokids today. Then Jacques called, bailing on dinner plans which is just as well because I am feeling reclusive.

My landlady gets back this evening. I am very proud of myself for not having snooped during her absence. I did walk around her place, to get a feel for the size (palatial) and overall decor (minimal royalist.) Man, she has good taste. And a lot of money. In one room, she has about 5 bright orange Hermès boxes artfully displayed on a shelf. I resisted the urge to pick up the boxes, shake them and peek inside. In her bedroom, I spied a brown crocodile Kelly bag on the floor. This is the ultimate luxury: a bag that has a 1 to 3 year waiting list because each one is hand-made to order.

5:48 p.m. - 2001-09-02



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