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Money + pizza

My French client just stiffed me 500 francs. And asked for an invoice. Not only did I think I was making 2000 lousy francs on the project, but I thought I was working “au black.” So I just got fucked twice.


Nothing like a little retail therapy to dissipate the anger, though when this bull is mad, it takes a while for the smoke to stop billowing out of her nostrils.


Last night, I went out to Colombes, a suburb of Paris. A friend was up from Lyon, and it was a little reunion of sorts (we all went to lycée together in the 17th arrondissement.) We drank a bunch, ate little salty apéro snacks, and then we had... drumroll, please... Domino’s pizza! How crazy is that? When Olivier asked what we wanted on the pizzas, I screamed “Hawaiian.” No one there had ever had a pizza with ham and pineapple on it. Of course, they all made sarcastic remarks, but a few intrepid souls tasted it (and liked it.) Anyway, the French are incredibly, stupidly xenophobic. Their loss.

6:59 p.m. - 2001-09-07



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