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Last night I went online to get the latest details from the New York Times, and I clicked on a slideshow of photos, and ended up crying. There was a photo of people hanging out the windows of the World Trade Center, hoping to be saved by the circling helicopters. It snapped whatever tenuous connection I had been maintaining with my feelings and I just started sobbing. The next picture was of a man, plummeting from the windows, and it was then I realized that I didn’t need to *see* terribleness to feel really devastated by it. I promptly closed the window and have decided not to look at any more pictures. It is just too gruesome.

The weird thing this, I bought my ticket back to California on Tuesday morning, just hours before the attacks.

Terence and I walked by a poster for "Opération Espadon" (the movie known as Swordfish) and he said, "That sure bombed" and that phrase just creeped me out.

4:45 p.m. - 2001-09-13



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