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Declaration of war

My sister called me from San Rafael yesterday afternoon to see how I was holding up. She wanted to know how I was dealing with the double trauma of Tuesday’s attacks *and* having my parents less than a block away. Suffice it to say that I spent nearly 20 solid minutes of long distance time griping and complaining and groaning. She said that there is very little we can do about our parents, they are simply unbearable and getting worse with age; she and I have used every tactic known to man, and at this point, having exhausted all therapy-approved avenues, we just have to grit our teeth. She said she wishes she were here to spare me, and I like the idea that one of my sisters would take a bullet for me. The other sister is way too self-involved to risk chipping a nail in my defense. Though to be fair, sister number 2 did send an email to check in.

Since Friday was a national day of mourning and remembrance, sister number 1 was compelled to go to church. She said it was strange listening to services in English (we were raised Catholic, but went to a French cathedral so all we know is mass in French, and as a result services in English always sound cheesy.) Anyway, she said it felt good to be somewhere observing silence with a crowd of other people, everybody different, but all united by feelings of sorrow and devastation.

I just can’t believe that we are now going to enter a protracted war with Afghanistan and its allies. Two U.S. senators have suggested we start issuing war bonds right away—the United States hasn’t done that since WWII! And it is a frightening indication of how long the government anticipates the war lasting. We’ve now strong-armed Pakistan into letting us use their soil and intelligence information to combat Osama Bin Laden’s group. It will be more efficient to have troops and missiles near Afghanistan. I guess it’s always the same in war: if you’re not with us, you’re against us. Things needs to be black and white to make sense. As a pacifist, I believe in gray, and I really don’t think that more violence is the solution. At the same time, how the hell are we supposed to react when terrorists kill thousands of people in a random act of cruelty? This stuff just makes me sick to my stomach.

6:11 p.m. - 2001-09-15



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