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La déprime continue. . .

Operation Enduring Freedom. This is our new catchy war slogan. We are bombing *and* dropping happy meals that contain peanut butter. Is this culturally sensitive? Are peanuts a usual component of the Afghan diet? I mean, when Afghans actually *have* food to eat, do they eat peanut butter? There is also shortbread in the packets, and strawberry jam.

I saw Terence's family yesterday, and here is a snippet of Buffalo 66-esque conversation I've saved for you:

Mother to Father: "Do you want to watch the war or the Niners game?"

Father to Mother: "I already saw the war. Put the Niners on."

Things stateside are still odd. The flags everywhere are really starting to get to me. The other thing that is starting to get to me is how people here are whatever they are to the N-th degree. This could just be San Francisco, but maybe not. Overall, subtlety does not seem to be an American trait. The flags are one example. It seems like you can't be a good American if you're not a virulent one. I got some film developed, and all the employees at Fox Camera were tattooed, pierced and dressed in this week's gay hipster wear. That was the second example. Does everyone have to be queerer-than-thou? With every single gay signifier on display? Haven't we moved beyond this, at least in the Castro in the year 2001?

I took an ashtanga yoga class, and it made me feel a little better. That is, until the teacher started reading poetry over a new-age soundtrack during the relaxation portion of the class. I *so* don't dig that. Can't a person relax in silence? The third example of exaggerated behavior: yogi-er-than-thou?

In sadder news, I'm pretty much adapted to the West Coast time zone. There's a part of me that still wants to be jet-lagged, as a way of still having a teeny tiny piece of me in Paris, but unfortunately I am sleeping 8 hours sans disruption. Last night, I actually dreamed I was back in Paris; I woke up completely disoriented... and bummed out. The thing is, I still have my return ticket (Oct. 16) so if I still don't love it here, I will be free to leave it.

PS: I would like to add that I have been unable to send email from my account, though I am able to view... so if any of you out there have not received messages from me, that is why.

10:52 a.m. - 2001-10-08



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