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Giving thanks

I have been such a freakishly out-of-character, profligate spender these days! I at first felt guilty about spending money on luxury purchases for myself rather than for necessities for my new apartment, but it was hard to resist a 40% off sale. My salesperson at the Marc Jacobs store in San Francisco is a very clever fellow and my new best friend and has been keeping me informed of sale items, new pieces in my size, etc. How could a girl resist? And when the packages arrive from San Francisco, they are expertly packed with tons of tissue paper, look books and perfume samples. I lovelovelove this attention to detail, and really, when you cough up this kind of dough, thatís the kind of service you deserve.

OK, the skinny on the purchases: if you kept tabs on MJ's Fall 2001 line, imagine if you will the cream, nubbly wool coat with the peter pan collar, slouchy pockets, and giant black buttons... my coat is that style only all black. This coat is the end-all, be-all coat. At least for me. It fits like a dream and looks great with everything. The bag is a patent leather black Baby Wonder (stupid name, I know.) It's got 2 straps and snappy pockets on the ends. I have a friend who just bought one in cream (supercute because it has black stitching) and that makes her so Gwyneth. Mine is more low-pro.

After this extravagance, I will put the brakes on buying things for myself. Until Spring, of course when I'm going to have to save my pennies for some Chanel, and on a more reasonable note, some Cacharel.

And now, I really have to get some projects going because I need an income more than ever.

Hey, let me talk about Thanksgiving. It's my favorite American holiday because it's the most like a French one in that it's all about food and you eat and talk for hours at the table. This year, I'm having a bunch of friends over and it's going to be delicious (if I do say so myself.) I tasted some of the ginger pecans I made and they are mouth-watering. Those are going into the salad which will also feature japanese persimmon. I am right now roasting garlic for the haricots verts which will add a French element to the meal, and make it truly a multi-culti event. How PC of me.

7:02 p.m. - 2001-11-21



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