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Good help

More errands today.

They never end. It's no wonder important people have assistants—all this commuting between home and shops and services takes for fucking ever.

post office

drop off videos

get groceries

stop by friend's house to collect paper, feed fish, and return dining room chairs

drop off film at Rite-Aid

etc etc etc

and I still have dry-cleaning that needs to be dropped off! That is just going to be bumped to tomorrow’s list because I am done for the day. I’m taking the afternoon off after this espresso because I have to go check out some dressers that are FOB from 1950's Denmark. I went by the Danish vintage shop on Friday and they hadn't yet arrived but the guy said that Tuesday, the dressers would be in the store. Off I go deficit spending again, but this time around I promise I am doing it for my country. America is open for business dammit.

Not only do I need a personal assistant to take care of all these plebeian errands, but I also need to bank where the millionaires bank. I am positive that millionaires get great service and no hidden charges at their local branches and that's what I want. Of course, first I have to work on earning/winning a million dollars.

4:12 p.m. - 2001-11-27



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