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Ring-a-ding day

I've talked to a bunch of designer friends, and boy, the workscape is looking pretty grim. I freaked out empathetically (emphasis on the 'pathetique') then decided that with all this time, I should update my skills.

To that end, I have downloaded a trial version of Dreamweaver and will take baby steps in the online direction. I've designed websites, banners and buttons before, but I've always handed the files off to someone who transformed everything into something web-workable. This old dog is gonna learn some new tricks.

Speaking of tricks, the weather has just changed in Los Angeles! It's actually raining and cold. I cannot wait for the rain to stop—but the cold to continue—so that I can wear my new coat all over town. It's going to look especially fantastic accessorized with a "will work for couture" sign. I was all hot to acquire a 1950's Danish dresser until I got my mobile phone bill and nearly had a coronary. This country is so behind the times in the mobile communication department! I can't believe that I have to pay for incoming calls. Of course, incoming calls are not the sole reason for the sky-high bill. I have got to change plans today because I am fucking bavarde and I cannot have 200 minute limits on talk time.

My life is about to get a little more interesting because the holidays are upon us, and I already have 3 invitations to parties on Saturday night. Aren't I important? One is for the downstairs neighbor's tree-trimming (I watched her pull the tree out of her storage locker,) the second one is for a friend's birthday, and the last one is a cocktail party/vintage clothes sale somewhere downtown. We'll see how I do with the triple booking; in SF and Paris, it was easy to do since everything was close together or at least a quick cab/metro ride away. I have to remember to get some recording film or some 3200 for my camera. I hate shooting with a flash and I would like to start documenting the TinselTownity.

12:43 p.m. - 2001-11-29



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