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I made a jam turnover from some leftover pâte brisée, then promptly burned the fuck out of my mouth by biting into the turnover when it hadn’t sufficiently cooled--lava preserves. I washed it down with an espresso and now I find myself cramping up, clutching my stomach and missing yoga class. What a loser. I can’t decide if the turnover was worth all this stupid agony. I am hoping to be fully recovered by 8 when I’ll be heading off for dinner at the Authentic which has superdelicious southwestern food. It’s a Thursday night so I suppose when I’m done with this, I should go and primp a wee bit.

I had drinks last night at a place called Café des Artistes. It was nice having a cocktail, sitting on the patio under the heat lamps. The bartender was very nice (Gay? Straight? I couldn’t figure it out. My gaydar has been blown to hell since my Parisian jaunt,) the ambiance was great and everything was going along swimmingly until someone recognized my friend Hilary and proceeded to jabber on and on about how well his films are doing, in particular Mulholland Drive (“It’s 30-to-1 in Vegas! It’s like on every top 10 list for 2001!”) It was the first Hollywood Insider moment I’ve had since moving here and it was amusing. I rolled my eyes at the bartender and he did the same to me. Must be a pain in the arse having to listen to all that crap all the time. Hilary said the guy is actually very sweet but is just too sucked into his career.

The other funny thing that happened was that there was a guy sitting next to us at the bar, who interrupted our discussion to criticize us.

Him: “You know, excuse me but I’ve been listening to your conversation, and I’ve decided that I need to share with you what I’ve decided should be on everyone’s 2002 resolution list. Have you ever listened to other people talking, and actually counted the times they use “like?” Just try it sometime; it’s appalling how many times people use it, for no reason. Sometimes they use it 50 times in a minute... honestly! Now I’m a published writer, and I can appreciate the whole vernacular edge to “like” but intelligent people just shouldn’t use it. Let’s all raise our glasses and toast to a New Year without using “like!”

Us: “Like, right on!” clinking our glasses.

Him: “No, seriously.”

Us: “Like us too!”

Then he went on about how it’s hard not to size up people when their language skills are poor, and you know, “I’m a guy who really tries to take people as they are” to which Leigh snapped, “yeah, you take people as they are and then you judge them. That’s nice.” That shut him up right quick.

6:13 p.m. - 2002-01-10



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