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Another shrill tirade! Fun fun

I had an epiphany during downward dog today: if museums charged twice or three times as much, they could eliminate security guards! I realize, of course, that expensive museums are not a democratic concept and that higher entrance fees would make museums available only to the rich. At the risk of sounding cavalier, I would like to posit this: who *really* goes to museums these days? Based on my observation, here are the breakdowns (at least, based on observations made in Los Angeles, the week of January 10th 2002:)

- retired people

- artists, photographers, designers and architects

- students studying art, photography, design or architecture

- foreign tourists

- couples on dates

All of these people are more or less educated, and obviously curious and interested in new things. They either have money, have it squirreled away, or save it for special occasions (like going to museums. This is what I did when I was an abjectly poor art student.) Do these folks really need to be shadowed at every turn by idiotic, officious rent-a-cops? Museums go to great lengths organizing exhibits, arranging art in a room, selecting the lighting, to ensure that each visitor has a clear and fresh appreciation. It is impossible to have an enjoyable visit when every time you approach a piece of art, an asshole in a dark blue jacket invades your personal space and interferes with your experience. I was so irritated at both the Getty and the Geffen Contemporary that I am now motivated to write a letter of complaint. I donít care how elitist I end up sounding, Iíve got to get it off my chest.

Iím signing off now. Iíve got to take a shower, make dinner and run to my friendís house for Buffy.

6:36 p.m. - 2002-01-15



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