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Knickers in a twist

Today’s entry is all about panties. Partly because new ones are on my post-it acquisitions list, partly because I just did so much handwash that there isn’t a single surface in my apartment that isn’t draped in them. I just had to open a window because the Woolite smell is getting a little too heady.

I never wash my nice underthings in a machine. I have a friend who claims that those little netted bags protect your delicates in the wash, but I don’t buy it. How can twisting your delicates and underwires be ok for them? I completely subscribe to the “squeeze the suds through the fiber” technique, the “no twisting or ringing out” technique, and I always rinse a zillion times to ensure that there is absolutely NO SOAP RESIDUE LEFT. Listen, if you spend good money on bras and panties, you cannot justify putting them into a $1.50 washer with dubious water temperature control and only 1 or 2 rinse cycles.

That’s today’s lesson: do your handwash ladies. Your frillies will last longer, they will look better, and it doesn’t really take that long.

In my experience, boys actually prefer the kind of panties that require deliberate maintenance. And some of them even enjoy seeing clean panties all over the place. (Hell, some boys even like dirty panties, but that’s a whole different class of boy.) The ritual of getting dressed in the morning is made all the more interesting when you spend as much time considering what goes on first as what goes on top. I know I feel a little extra je ne sais quoi when I know that I’m matching, or when I can feel, under a sweater, a camisole strap slip off my shoulder. There’s something really pleasurable about that. I will even concede that on some days, I enjoy wearing a thong. And because I now own several comfortable ones (yes, I know, it sounds like an oxymoron--comfortable thong--but it is possible) I find myself wearing them more often. I am partial to Cosabella, but really the trick with any thong is to size UP.

People always talk about “building” wardrobes, but no one ever stops to think about the building blocks. I once helped a friend clear out her closet--she was attempting to “build”--and she was aghast when I mentioned that we should first go through her underwear drawer. Naturally we didn’t, but it made me realize that I should and from that day forward, I have been very selective about what I start with in the mornings.

Today it’s an all-black, Schiesse combo.

2:04 p.m. - 2002-01-22



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