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Timely visit

Les Visiteurs this weekend were a pleasure. Highlights of their trip were:

1. seeing the Olson twins at Fred Segal. They weren’t cute, but what *was* cute were all the little girls trying to be nonchalant as they stole stares at them. Kate (Ashley calls her “Kate” not “Mary Kate”) and Ashley dress age inappropriately and have that weird freaky identical twin look. All I can say is that the twins on The Simpsons are more accurate that you even know. If those girls were a publically traded stock, even I would invest;

2. playing but more importantly winning a game of Battleship at a cafe on Beverly;

3. seeing The Woggles on Saturday night. They are truly one of the best 60’s-esque garage bands working today, and The Professor put on a fantastic show. As usual, I couldn’t see because all of the tallest people in the club decided to form a wall in front of me, so I stood up on the banquette that lined one of the walls. It was great not only because I could see the band perfectly, but also because I could imperiously survey the crowd and check people out. My favorite. I was standing up there, frugging and doing my lil gogo thing along with my friend Tracy, when some freak in a beret and shaggy hair comes over, leans in, and says, “You guys have really great moves. You should really be up there, on stage.” I said thanks, then rolled my eyes over to Tracy and relayed the story. Like we'd really take Che Guevara up on his suggestion;

4. finally getting paid!

Since their departure, I have worked like crazy, attempting to make up for lost time. Right now, all sorts of final versions of files are with my clients, awaiting finalfinal corrections and alterations. I’ve already dispatched another invoice, and am organizing documents for archive. I really need to get going on my taxes, but I can’t bear the thought of being practical today. I would like to go to yoga, make some appointments (haircut! facial! and most important, WAX!!! Shaving is the most ignominious thing about being broke,) and buy shampoo. I suppose I should have sex with my boyfriend since he’s looking a little bit depressed lately, but I can’t conjure the interest. Basically, I can’t make a decision to save my life because I am totally pms and riding high on a hormonal rollercoaster.

9:12 a.m. - 2002-02-20



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