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Beck Hansen is a cutie pie

So... the secret Beck show.

It was really good. The little twee man was about 12 feet away from me, in a Pickle Family Circus t-shirt and Membersí Only jacket. Eventhough all of the instruments were plugged in, it felt like an intimate, acoustic performance. And to make things even nicer, he mostly played things from Mutations which is my favorite album. He switched from guitar and harmonica to piano and I totally feel in love with his talent. There was a lot of instrumental musical chairs happening actually, as the guy who played lead guitar ended up at the drums, and the piano/organ guy moved over to rhythm guitar for a few numbers. They played some Captain Beefheart, a Zombies song, and Beck kept rolling Tom Pettyís ďIím Free, Free FalliníĒ chorus into other numbers. Delightful.

Terence was a litte disappointed in the show because he felt that Beck did not take advantage of the small venue to do something really special. While I completely understand, I sort of feel like he did take advantage by playing his quiet material, but what do I know because last night was the first time Iíd ever seen him live. Whatever. Everyoneís entitled to their opinion, and Terence is just lucky that I love him unconditionally enough to tolerate his disagreeing with me.

Yesterday was also the book club meeting. It was actually pretty fun, except that one member was a Pill. She eventually mellowed out, but I realized during the course of our discussions that I donít really like her. Which is a gigantic drag because she is a good friend of another good friend which means that I will see her more often than Iíd care to. The good news, and I suppose this is good news, is that I think she doesnít care for me either so at least we have mutual dislike in common. I will just keep my distance.

Since I didnít into bed until 2 am, I did not make it to morning yoga. I did however pay bills and make some appointments. I get my haircut tomorrow at 2! Iím so excited! Iím still waiting to hear back from the waxing maven. I even managed to call a potential client to set up a date for portfolio viewing. Productivity on a Monday morning. Who knew I could do it?

11:45 a.m. - 2002-02-25



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