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My portfolio is on its way back from San Francisco. I have no idea if they are going to hire me, but Iím fine with either a yes or a no.

April is shaping up to be a fun month! Two different sets of friends are slated to visit, and there are myriad shows to attend (Jon Brion, The Shins, Ladybug Transistor, The Essex Green.) You all know how much I >heart< Beulah so stay tuned to Conan OíBrien on April 16th when they perform live on his show. Also, Beulah will be gracing Los Angeles with their presence on May 1, and I hope to celebrate International Workersí Day with them. Maybe Iíll even do the French thing and bring them lilies of the valley.

For those of you in Paris, there are some good shows coming your way as well so do not fret. On Wednesday April 10th dj and producer Nicola Conte will be at the Batofar. Show starts at 21h, itís 8 euros, and itís bound to be a jazzy. bossanova-y swinginí time (with a little maison thrown in the mix, yo.) If youíre a fan of Thievery Corporation, you should go. At the Guinguette Pirate (which has just reopened--yay!) you can go to a Pop Sunday Party for an evening of indie music and dj-ing by Track and Field on Sunday April 14th (19h, 6.10 euros.) Then on Friday April 26th (20h, 6.10 euros) the Danielson Family plays at the Guinguette Pirate.

I have mostly been procrastinating lately, dreaming up fun things to do in New York and Washington DC (the two trips that are on the books for May and June.) The Manhattan trip is sure to be the most fun because it will involve lots of profligate shopping and spending. The DC trip will not be without interest because I am going to a friendís second wedding--this time, he is marrying a dyed-in-the-wool Republican on some fancy-ass property in West Virginia. My friend, the groom, grew up in Noe Valley which back in the 70s was one of the hippier, leftier enclaves of San Francisco. I am going because I have never been to the nationís capital and Iíd like to see what all the fuss is about, but MOSTLY I am going because I am dying of curiosity and I have never met the bride but have heard appalling things about her. I havenít decided what Iím going to wear but I am naturally torn between something insanely fashionable and something Stepford Wife bizarre in order to ťpater the bourgeoisie (or blend in? The horror!) Ideally I would like to find a frock or a skirt that matches some shoes I bought in Paris (the shoes are rust, lavender and pea green. oh my) but I know that the odds are against me because getting clothes to match shoes is working backwards and who am I to think I can reverse the space/time continuum?

11:24 a.m. - 2002-04-02



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