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Drivers wanted

I got back from the focus group at 7pm, just in time to catch Mike Myers in Austin Powers mode on Entertainment Tonight. That just made my evening. Well, that and the $75 that's already burning a hole in my pocket.

I could get exhorbitantly priced eye cream with 20 bucks left over, or a fancy shampoo/conditioner combo with lots left over, or or or... there are many tantalizing things on the horizon and I just need to simmer down and make a list.

Terence just got a call to do a focus group next Monday. He, as usual, will spend the money on groceries. I’ve suggested that he indulge in something for himself, but he feels so guilty about not working that no amount of coaxing will dissuade him from spending the cash on a joint necessity. I’ve been considering spending my $75 on him, but he would be upset with me. He wants me to spend the cash on something special for myself (if I mention the utilities or bills, he scolds me.) I am so lucky to have such a darling for a boyfriend.

So no news from my friends who went on a date last night. Before he left LA today, Tony was in an awful mood. Terence’s theory is that he was hungover (he never drinks to excess and our sassy friend Tracy seldom drinks moderately--especially if someone else is paying! Can’t blame the girl) but mine is that there probably weren’t sparks and he was bummed. I know this is delusional, however I await news impatiently.

The focus group was pretty funny. It was for cars, and right after I bashed Toyota’s slogan, “what a feeling,” the moderator informed us that we would be seeing concept commercials for Toyota. I actually said that that slogan had nothing to do with cars, but more to do with feminine hygiene products or body wash. Some guy in the group introduced himself as a white-trash, beer-drinking, truck-drivin’ painter/contractor and I didn’t know whether or not he was being facetious. Surprisingly (or not) he made some interesting comments. Some other guy claimed to be a physical therapist, but knew altogether too much about advertising and different campaigns. On the way back to my car, he approached me and asked, “Are you a designer?” I replied yes, and he confessed to being one too! How funny that both of us were asked to change our professions (I was a ‘computer consultant’ whatever the hell that means.) The physical therapist/designer said that my design language gave me away. I guess average people don’t nonchalantly use the word ‘typography.’

I am drinking wine and totally disinterested in any kind of dinner. This happens to me if I get beyond the hunger point (sort of like Beyond The Thunderdome with similar ruinous consequences.) All I crave is an astronaut-style food pill to sate me.

8:20 p.m. - 2002-04-15



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