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Huggy Bear

This morning when I went to yoga, my teacher gave me a hug. I hadnít seen him in over a week because heíd been at a training seminar so when he saw me, he interrupted a conversation he was having with someone to come over and hug me. It was a really nice, happy hug and it made me feel good.

There are 2 people in my life who cannot hug to save their lives. They are both men, and both hug like mannered sorority girls. There is absolutely no physical contact below the shoulders, and their hugs are accompanied by the kind of back-patting lite I would expect from a vapid acquaintance. Iíve totally given up hugging one guy (itís Tony, actually) because itís just too weird. He is awkward and odd about it, and it invariably makes me feel like thereís something wrong with me. Oh yes, it always comes back to ME. And I know for a FACT that I am incredibly + enjoyably huggable. At first I felt strange hugging + kissing everyone else, and just waving to Tony like Queen Elizabeth, but Iím over that now. The other bad hugger is my friend Vanessaís boyfriend, and I tolerate hugging him because I love Vanessa so much. Vanessa gives the craziest, squeeziest bear hugs and itís funny that her boyfriend is the complete opposite.

Speaking of hugs, have you all visited www.huggabaloos.com? Which of course has nothing to do with actual hugging.

I helped Terence write another cover letter today and I very nearly tore all of my curly hair out. I think it must be pms, but I have absolutely no patience whatsoever and I certainly didnít have any when I was trying to finesse his work. I love him to pieces, but there are times when I wish I could wave my magic wand and make his dyslexia and fear of words disappear. He thinks very clearly but cannot telegraph that into smooth, glib sentences.

Well, I made an executive decision and have decided to cut my Washington DC trip short. At first, I was going to go to my friendís wedding and spend a few extra days checking out the capital, but now there are more expensive trips on the horizon and I would rather save some pennies. I will just have to schedule another DC trip in the future. So the big trip that has shifted my summer plans a bit is another wedding, this one in August in Hawaii. Thank god I love the couple or I would bitch about the cost. What am I talking about? Of course, Iím going to bitch about the cost! And bitch about how the island (Lanai) is teeny tiny, with only 3 resorts and they all cost an arm and a leg per night! Thereís golf and spas so it looks like daytime activities will be split along gender lines which of course I find flagrant, sick and wrong...

I really should not expend too much energy talking smack about it. Their parents are making their lives a living hell, and I shouldnít put any more bad juju into the ether.

Ok. Iím done.

I just declined an invitation to the premiere of ďThe Scorpion King.Ē I donít think I can handle that kind of excitement right now, especially since I still have no concealer to speak of and my undereye circles make me look like Jack Skellington from ďNightmare Before Christmas.Ē

6:07 p.m. - 2002-04-17



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