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Red letter day

Another entry. Wow.

I'm supposed to head out to cocktails this evening at North, a pretty cool place up on Sunset, but I am so tired. I've been popping Motrin like tictacs (to stave off colossal cramps) so that's one reason why I'm exhausted. Plus, I've been having hot and cold flashes and little dizzy spells so I feel like I should stay in.

This sometimes happens to me at period time, and it's a good thing I work at home where I can nap and take it easy. It was worse when I was younger. I would get the flashes, then very quickly thereafter, faint. It happened so often in school that it got to the point where I could feel the faint coming on. I'd grab my books in a panic, sweat pouring off my forehead, and make a break for the door and run outside. When I think about it, it seems I spent a lot of time on the nurse's cot in high school, and in college, in a little room in the student health center.

It sucks.

Now that I'm older, I know to self-medicate with Motrin. The more Motrin, the better. The cramps are caused by some evil enzyme that can be stopped with ibuprofen--the trick is to take the pills before you start feeling pain, because by the time you feel cramps, that nefarious enzyme has already spread his poison (love how the enzyme is male) and ruined your day.

My mother didnít know the Motrin trick when I was growing up so she used her own motherís remedy: gin and hot water.

5:20 p.m. - 2002-04-22



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