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I am Taurus, hear me...

This is the entry where I inform everyone that my birthday is May 10th! Iím not that excited about getting older (although truth be told, I am much happier now than I was 10 years ago) but I do enjoy presents and champagne and cake.

I usually micro-manage my birthday--would you expect anything less? I donít usually throw parties, but I always have cake and champagne. Sometimes a few friends come over; sometimes not. Sometimes I pick a restaurant and make Terence take me there, then have cake and champagne at home afterwards. Last year in Paris, we had a ton of little patisseries and champagne that was delicious.

This year, I donít know where to turn for a decent cake. As you all know, Hansenís is out of the question. Someone suggested I get a chocolate cake from Joanís on Third, and while I think their chocolate cupcakes are yummy, thatís not the style of cake I enjoy. For me, the ultimate birthday cake is a crazy confection along the lines of a Saint-Honorť from Diandaís bakery in San Francisco; second to that would be a chocolate fedora from that same bakery (itís a chocolate rum cake,) or a plain fedora. Iím going to begin cake researching as soon as possible.

Iíve had one cappuccino and Iím still flat-lining. Time for another one.

8:40 a.m. - 2002-04-24



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