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CrazySexyCool delivered sans irony... ha

A shout out to all those who have sent me bakery and cake recommendations. I am very looking forward to this weekendís taste test, yo.

And now a moment of silence for TLCís Left-Eye...

Yoga this morning was aggravating because none of the windows were open, and the room kept getting steamier and steamier. The smell didnít bother me (sweaty yoga studios smell like cooking artichokes to me,) but the humidity made me oh so cranky. Do you know that itís the humidity that makes people crazy in hot climates? Itís not actually the heat, itís the humidity! Or as my sister likes to say, itís not the heat, itís the stupidity.

In any event, I kept sneaking over to the windows to open them, and some fools kept closing them! An older (annoying, naturally) woman even told me she was cold. Cold? What are you, a fucking fish? I wanted to shake her silly. We had been practicing for an hour already and I was dripping. This woman is irritating in many, many other ways, but normally I am able to move my mat and tune her out. Today, though, she tried my very limited yogic patience.

Thank god Ross (the teacher) made me do a backbend demonstration. It released a lot of stress for me, and forced me to move my focus away from the annoying older woman. It was fun, actually, because we did the backbends with blocks (placed against the wall) so that we could get more leverage to ďmelt our heartsĒ and move our chests close to the wall. Then, Ross had me put my elbows on the ground, clasp my hands behind my head, while he lifted my legs off the ground to get my chest even closer. Jesus, I think he bent me in two. Finally, as part of this insane demo, he helped me just stand up from the backbend position. Whew. I saw stars for about a minute.

All of this bile is making me feel like an Ageist. I donít think I am one. I know I have Fat-ist tendencies, but Age-ism not so much. Christ on a cracker, I need some psychotherapy, but as I am nearing broke, counseling will have to be backburnered and you will have to endure my unmitigated vexation.

5:44 p.m. - 2002-04-26



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