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Morning quickie

For someone who rocks and rolls all night long (and parties ev-e-ry day,) 8 a.m. is too early to be awake.

I have to pick up Tracy in Pasadena, and drop her and Terence off at the Burbank airport. They are going to San Francisco for a few days. Apparently, if you buy a ticket to SF with a companion ticket, it works out to cheaper than just buying one--so Tracy invited one of us along with her. I opted out thinking that work would be calling, but so far there is no sign of any sort of emergency.

Beulah was great last night. Poor Miles broke one string on one guitar, then another string on another guitar, but kept on singing his heart out. Terence pointed out that itís sort of sad that they have so many good songs now because they canít possibly play them all at one show, but they did a great job anyway.

I came to the realization that Beulahís drummer is a little worker. What an opportunist! He was making eye contact with some 19 year old college girl in the front row, then after the show came up to her at the edge of the stage and whispered in her ear that she was beautiful. If I werenít such a wizened cynic, I would say ďAahh, how sweet,Ē but I swear to God that THAT is his routine at every single show. In Paris, I definitely got a vibe from him, and as you know, vibes donít lie.

More on this later. Iíve got to jump in the shower to make the SuperShuttle schedule.

ps: Happy Birthday, Mlle Lane!

8:16 a.m. - 2002-05-02



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