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I am bored out of my head right now.

Iíve done a bunch of handwash, Iíve made the bed, Iíve done the dishes, Iíve fed myself and checked email about 400 times already. I should really be putting the finishing touches on this little brochure Iím supposed to be designing but I cannot conjure the interest.

So instead I am oversaturating myself with Spiderman media. I am a little sad that Tobey Maguire is officially on everybodyís radar, and that he will no longer be my silly Hollywood crush. Of course I realize that he is something like 10 years younger than me, making all that nonsense about my friend and her 23 year old bartender, completely that: nonsense.

I am a sucker for anything comics or comic-book-related; this is one of the ways in which my Frenchness manifests itself. I was weaned on Astťrix and Tintin, Spirou and Lucky Luke. Though Iíve never been that into American-style superheroes, I always had un petit bťguin for Spiderman because Peter Parker was at heart a nerd. I love me some nerds. And I donít mean the candy.

Terence called me last night from San Francisco. He had been there for about 8 hours already, and he wanted to tell me he was bored without me and that he missed me. How cute is that? I admit that I was feeling a bit lonesome around 4 oíclock yesterday--thatís when we usually have coffee and something for goŻter, and I had no one to share my cake with. That is also metaphorical as 4 oíclock also happens to be the hour when I am most vulnerable to Terenceís caffeinated advances. He gets back Monday. Yay!

I paid rent, and now have $400 to my name. Well thatís not exactly true. Thereís a bunch of money out there that should at some point find its way to me, but I donít know if it will arrive before I head to New York. And I've got so many bills! I am starting to freak out. I am having terrible anxiety about the trip, massive guilt about spending what little money I have on such an indulgence of a vacation, but whatís done is done. All I can do is relax and enjoy myself while Iím there.

8:46 a.m. - 2002-05-03



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