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People get ready

There are a bunch of helicopters circling the skies above my apartment. Terence just went out onto the balcony to flip them all off, but I donít think thatís going to accomplish anything. Iíve turned up the stereo, but the music cannot drown out the noise. Iíve checked the tv to see if there is anything bizarre going down in my corner of Los Angeles (OJ-style slow speed chase, elderly Russian Jewish escapees from the Shalom Retirement Hotel down the street); no dice. So now, Terence is up with people and furious, and calling the FAA to complain. Honestly, itís like living in a fucking police state sometimes.

Prompted by Gentryís entry about RemŤde Sweep, I am now going to go on and on about Peter Thomas Roth moisturizer--more specifically, Max Sheer All Day Defense Moisture Cream. Oh my god, this shit rocks the planet (rock rock Planet rock.) It has broad-spectrum sunscreen but does not turn you into a ghost. It isnít greasy at all, but you do have to wait 15 minutes before putting makeup on or nothing will stick to your skin. Sure itís expensive, but at $34 itís totally worth it.

I say, if you find a product that works, donít kill yourself looking for a cheaper alternative. I used Sweep for a couple of years, then decided to try other brands (Astara, Lierac, Caudalie, cheapie Freeman, )then was disappointed and ended up going back to Sweep. I could have saved myself a lot of aggravation (and saved my poor skin!) by just sticking to what worked. The same thing happened to me with conditioner. I spent a godís age searching for a good conditioner for my curly hair, and finally shelled out the big bucks for Terax Crema. That stuff is incredible, another one of those products that, to me, lives up to all the beauty magazine hype. The only drawback, besides the $16 price tag, is the smell--man,that stuff has ONE FUNKY SMELL. Neither floral nor perfumy, Crema smells instead like Mongolian Beef. Itís the strangest thing. When Terence and I used to shower together, he would always say he was hungry for Chinese food as soon as I started conditioning my hair.

Anyway, since I am now on a budget, I have had to scale back my beauty expenses and itís becoming a real drag. Sometimes, all you need to make your day brighter is a fancy product that looks pretty on the shelf, or smells divine, or makes your skin or hair delicious--dumb glycerine soap from Whole Foods does not cut it! I have splurged a little tiny bit (with healthy doses of guilt) and have managed to justify the purchases with the fact that I am a Leo rising and itís beyond my control. Apparently as a Leo rising, I am obsessed with my hair and therefore MUST have MOP Mixed Greens Shampoo. MOP Leave-in Conditioner, Kiehlís Shine & Lite Groom, and Phytologie Phytodťfrisant. Jeezus Beezus, thatís a lot of hair goo to deal with on a daily basis.

Well, we just found out why thereís all that racket in the sky. We live near Fairfax and Beverly, where the CBS studios are, and there was some kind of shooting or something. News at 11.

6:29 p.m. - 2002-05-28



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